Welcome to St Petroc’s Church

St Petroc’s Church is the largest and one of the oldest parish churches in Cornwall. The present Church dates back to the between 1469 and 1472 although earlier churches existed on the same site back to 540AD when St Petroc and St Gerren founded an ecclesiastical settlement. This is where the name Bodmin comes from, “Bos-Menegh” in Cornish meaning “abode of monks” and the Church went on to play a central role in Bodmin’s history and development.

Saint Petroc Window
Detail of stained glass window at Bodmin showing St Petroc


Our service times are:

Fridays 10.30am  Said Eucharist in St Petroc’s Parish Centre

Sundays:  8.00am BCP Said Eucharist & 10.00am Family Eucharist

Contact Details:

The Bodmin Team office is open from 10.00 am – 3.00 pm every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.  Telephone: 01208 77674  Email: office@bodminteamministry.org.uk

Funerals – Telephone Bodmin Team Office on 01208 77674 Out of office hours telephone Revd Paul Holley 07470 192378

Weddings – Telephone Revd Roger May 01579 342924

Baptisms – Visit the Parish Centre Thursday evenings between 6pm and 7pm. No appointment necessary. Alternatively ring the Bodmin Team Office on 01208 77674


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